Useful advanced search filters

This post is a wiki, feel free to add some cool searches! As a reminder you can add links to your sidebar for your frequent usecases.

Unanswered help topics more than 1 day old [@gwmngilfen]

This is useful to me to make sure people don’t feel ignored, while giving space for our volunteers to get there first. Here’s the search: #=help status:open status:noreplies before:1. Note the “before:1” is undocumented AFAICT, after and before will use absolute dates if you use the picker, but you can specify a relative amount of days.

Posts that might be solved and we should ask [@gwmngilfen]

I made this to help me find posts that should be bumped in search of a solution, because we want to encourage that behaviour. Here it is: #help status:unsolved status:open before:7.

I’m using before:7 here to allow a week for a user to mark it solved themselves, and we have an auto-close rule in Get Help for one month, so status:open will make sure I’m not seeing unsolved posts from a long time ago. It’s not perfect as before:7 applies to the topic date, not the most recent post, but it’s not too bad!

There’s a list of search tips here. Post your cool searches!