Allow our forum gardeners to mark solutions?

Howdy folks,

One of the best features of Discourse is the Trust Level system which means people gain more recognition & powers as they become more involved in the community. Notably, level 3 is hard to get and must be maintained - many things like editing topics etc comes at this level.

We’re now seeing a few people earning this level organically (I did have to promote some people by hand to get things rolling, but that’s done) and that’s awesome - thanks to those that have earned it so far.

However, today the right to mark another person’s topic as “Solved” in Get Help is reserved for TL4 (which can only be granted manually). I’m seeing people doing their best to encourage users to mark solutions in Get Help, and I’m wondering if we should change this to a TL3 power, so that our community regulars can help to maintain the solved topics. Obviously if we see people marking solutions incorrectly we can change it back - I’m just trying to encourage the norm of having solutions.

What do you think? I’ll throw up a poll here, but happy to hear detailed feedback too.

  • Yes - TL3 is fine for marking solutons
  • No - the risk of incorrect solutions is too high
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I voted yes but its probably fine either way, being able to edit tags is the only thing I’ve felt the need to use so far.



Pretty much on the same boat as Chris. I’m not actively chasing unresolved threads, though some of us are (thanks to them ! -yeah, I’m looking at you @jbericat :wink: -), and it might help tidying things around a little !

I think people invested in this community so far are trust-worthy enough and showed good judgment in general. And as you said, we can always adjust / rollback if needed.


Hello Greg! Actually this one’s a feature I was missing and that wanted to request myself, so I voted yes, obviously :slight_smile:

Anyway, the idea I had (yes, I am “this” guy who always overthink everything) was more related with needing at least several votes from different L3 users to mark a response as the “official” solution (on my mind, three would be enough).

Well, since I don’t even know if Discourse gives that option, and I don’t want to make your life even harder, I believe the rollback thing would be more than enough.

Now I’ll take advantage of this thread, since is more or less related to what @chris said; another feature I also miss is to be able to edit the code snippets some users include on their posts, just for readability sake. But let’s just skip this side topic for now, since I’m aware that this is a L4 feat and it may also be kind-of “dangerous” to give L3 users this amount of power (it may lead to misunderstandings , etc etc)

PS: I liked the “gardener” adjective so much :man_farmer::rofl:


Hey @ptn! You’re welcome mate. Actually it’s a real pleasure to have you here on the forum too, I’m learning a ton from your answers, really!


I suspect that all the current level 3 users would probably be fine as level 4 users — it would be easier to be able to assist in the formatting of posts directly, however advising users how to properly format their own posts is probably better, although it is more time consuming… but I agree that skipping this is fine.

For what its worth I’ve set up a lot of Discourse servers and actively manage several (for example so I feel I know my way around…


I agree that there’s a lot of overlap between who is TL3 and who we’d like to make TL4. The slight niggle (and it is slight) is that TL3 is automatic (and so largely uncontroversial), while TL4 is manual-only. So is we want to be formal about it, that means making a process for promoting people - and I’ve not had chance to sit down and think about it yet. It shouldn’t just be down to me and the other admins :slight_smile:


Absolutely! That’s another thing I like so much of this community :smiling_face:

Well, I believe I’ve already given my opinion about what other “powers” L3 members should have, so let’s just wait and see what other regulars think about it (now it’s me the one who’s gonna include another very active and really skilled one on this thread - yeah that’s you @utoddl :wink:)