Adding a more visual "solved" status indicator?

@samccann has pointed me at this component which can add a more vibrant indicator of solved/unsolved topics in Get Help. While advanced users know how to use the search for finding unsolved topics, this helps newer users.

Here’s how it looks on our forum:

I’ve played around with it, and I think “styled” is definitely better than “inline”, but I’m unsure if we want it “before-title” or “after-title” (the above shot is after)

Here’s the same frontpage region in each style:

I think I prefer the “before-title” as it keeps it all in a neat column, but what are your thoughts? Let’s have a poll!

Should we add a solved status notifier?
  • Yes - before-title
  • Yes - after-title
  • No - I find that unhelpful
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I’ll count the Yes votes together for decided if we use it at all, of course.

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I’ll add that for people who are trying to reduce visual noise, I won’t add this to the “Simple” theme, so there’s a way to turn it off

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I’m voting no, but not because it’s unhelpful, but because I find it too loaded and distracting from the titles as proposed. In my particular case I think the noise outweighs the benefit.

That said, I do think it’s useful, so looking at the plugin settings, maybe if we disable the “unsolved” indicator, it would make it less intrusive, considering most of the “latest topics” will be in that situation and the ones we care to “highlight” would be the solved ones.

I’m not sure the settings allow to actually “disable” the unsolved indicator, but looks like it can be done with a workaround if we wanted (maybe no indicator, no label, transparent background will do the trick?).


It works but it causes other odd effects (like the :large_blue_circle: notification moving to the right). Looks weird to me.

As I said, we will leave it disabled on the Simple theme, for those who prefer a less noisy UI, does that help you?

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That’s too bad.

I’m trying it now. Not sure what the differences are between the default (aka simple) and Material, but even if it solves it for me personally, I still think that if we default to showing a bunch of topics “unsolved” is noisy for new users and not a good first impression.