How to resolve community-wg topics

I have the ability to lock the topic, but I don’t know if that helps when SC folks search for all topics with the community-wg tag. Was there a discussion somewhere on how to close wg topics here in the forum?

Looks like the workflow is defined at community-topics/ at main · ansible-community/community-topics · GitHub. The closest I can see is under the implementing section, where it’s marked as implemented. Though in this case, perhaps it needs not implemented instead?

@felixfontein What do you mean by “close this”? Deleting / locking / archiving this thread or what? Or maybe add a closed or resolved or similar tag?

Personally, I can live with doing nothing at all and “close” this discussion by agreeing that we don’t see issues or problems with the collection anymore and don’t discuss it further.

I remember that we were discussing about the implemented / … tag once, my personal favorite back then would have been resolved since it’s a more generic term that would also apply here.

Maybe we need to start a separate discussion on that - I think we should stop polluting this topic with it :slight_smile: Can someone with moderator rights cut off this part of this topic as a new topic?

I think I did it correctly :slight_smile: This is a new topic now.

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+1 to resolved. Another option is community-wg-done, if I recall correctly, we had a 19 or 20 char limit for tags.

+1 to resolved or done, an issue can be resolved even if there’s no implementation.

We talked about this a bit at today’s community meeting. I think we have identified three approaches to this:

  1. Tag discussions with another tag like resolved, done, community-wg-done, etc. A short one can be reused by everyone, a long (prefixed) one is unique for a working group.

    One disadvantage is that it’s not so easy to get a list of all open topics. You can use the advanced search for that, but excluding a tag isn’t available in its UI at the moment, so you need to know the syntax: #project tag:community-wg -tag:resolved.

  2. Replace the community-wg tag with another tag like community-wg-resolve (the d does not fit due to the max tag length) or community-wg-done. This makes it easy to list all discussions that are open by simply looking for the community-wg tag (inside Project Discussions to be more specific).

    A downside is that you cannot easily get a list of all open and closed discussions.

  3. Enable the feature which allows to mark discussions as “solved” by marking one answer as “solution” for Project Discussion. One advantage here is that the resolving message will be shown below the first post, so it’s easy to see what the resolution of such a topic is.

    One disadvantage is that this feels like a hack, since it treats the whole Project Discussion category similar to the Get Help category. On the other hand, this can also be very useful for other project discussions.

I hope I didn’t forget anything important :slight_smile:


Personally, I like the 3rd option the most, but might I make a suggestion?

Instead of enabling the solutions option for the entire Project Discussions category, what about creating a sub category Community Workgroups (for e.g.) and enabling solutions there? Pin a “How to” topic on etiquette for the solutions to topics there. Unlike Get Help where solutions are the best/most-direct answer to the OP’s problem, the solutions should mark a summary reply of the thread’s general consensus (perhaps voted on before marking as the solution).

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