Blue "New" circle doesn't go away for "Get Help" section

The little blue circle that shows when unread topics are available in each section will not clear for the Get Help section.

When I go into the section, there is no “New” tab indicating anything is new, nor any other notification saying something has been added.

In other sections, this indicator disappears after reading the new items.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Does it go away after a hard refresh of the page? I’ve definitely seen some caching for the tracking info.

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I have tried refresh, logging out/in, clearing cache, closing browser, all the standard website troubleshooting stuff … it doesn’t clear.

But only the “Get Help” section, all other sections are fine - blue dot appears when something is new, disappears when I read/dismiss it…

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Interesting. I’ll take a look tomorrow, if I can - did this only start recently?

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I haven’t noticed earlier; I just tried going through each category to empty new and unread posts and had the same behavior.

Then I noticed a blue dot next to a cross-post (upper right section, right under the notification bell), read it and blue dot on “Get Help” is now gone. In my case, it was this one.

Hope you’ll figure it out !

I only noticed it today because I happened to come into the forum itself to respond to a topic - usually I read everything through a news feeder.

@ptn thanks, you are correct - it was the cross-posts. Once I clicked on each of them, the notification dot disappeared.

Can we fix this so we can dismiss the cross-posts as well, when we mark the section as read?


Can we fix this so we can dismiss the cross-posts as well, when we mark the section as read?

I don’t know. You could perhaps do something by playing around on your profile “tracking” settings.

What do you mean by a cross-post in this context? To me that phrase is to do with multiple copies of posts to mailing lists :slight_smile:

i was using the wording of ptn - cross-post (upper right section, right under the notification bell)

I attached a screen shot of the posts I had to click on before the notification dot went away for me.


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Aha, so it’s the subcategories - Guides, FAQs & Howtos is a subcategory of Get Help.

Can you try changing that “none” dropdown box to “all” on the top mid-left of your screenshot? Do the new posts show up in the new/unread list then?

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I don’t think there is any way to test that, as they are marked as read now? I changed to “all”, and the links are still there, and the notification dot is still gone

Fair enough. I ask because I can change the dropdown to default to “all”, so if it helps to find the posts that are causing it, then I can change that. Alternatively it would also be interesting to see if the new/unread tabs work when looking at Guides, FAQs & Howtos too.

Ah well, it’ll come up again, no doubt - so many dials to fiddle with :stuck_out_tongue:

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