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All the latest activity in the Ansible Community.

Get Help

Need help? This is the place! Get started with Ansible, debug your playbooks, set up your tooling … whatever your question, ask it here!

Project Discussions

Discuss any aspect of the Ansible Project here! This space is organized by tag, and tag generally correspond to a Working Group or Ecosystem Project . There are also some high-level tags such as mindshare, community and so on.


Want to meet other Ansiblers? Give a conference talk about Ansible? Host a Meetup? Hop in here to see the community calendar, and add your event!

Social Space

Stay awhile, and listen! Introduce yourself, socialise, and take a break from the rest of the grind. Say hi in the Introductions thread!

Forum Guide & Feedback

Not sure where to begin? Want to get the best out of the site? Have a question, problem, or request about the forum itself? Post it here!


This is the Sandbox category - write what you like here, it’s excluded from search, scoring, etc. We’ll periodically clean up old topics, so expect things to get deleted.

Workflows & Logs

This is a parent category for all the automated systems used by the Ansible Community that post to the forum. No one can post in this parent category, see the sub-categories for more details.