Server Error (500) at Login

I just created a namespace for my github organization, but now I can’t login into ansible galaxy, I receive Server Error 500. Has anyone encountered this before and knows how I can solve it? I need to post a role for my organization. My user is ‘CatalinaSindrilaru’ and my organization namespace is ‘eaudeweb’ (I am an admin for this organization).

To create my organization namespace I created an issue on the Issues · ansible/galaxy · GitHub.

At login, this is the error:

alright, so there is a namespace on galaxy and you are part of that. awesome thanks for that.

one thing you can check for me, on github, can you go to your settings (click top right on your user icon, settings). from there, click applications on the left and then authorized oauth apps and see if Ansible Galaxy is listed there?

Thank you for your response. I checked what you said. Ansible Galaxy is not in that list. I don’t understand what happened, four days ago, everything was alright. How can I authorized ansible galaxy?

that is where my knowledge runs out. we used to have a doc for it but I can’t seem to find it anymore. @tannerjc or @jlmitch5 would either you know how a user can provoke the oauth approval page again? I am assuming if it is not there, that is what is causing the 500 to be thrown but I am not 100% sure.

I checked again and now I have Ansible Galaxy in the authorized apps list:

Also, I have the same problem. I revoked the ansible galaxy from authorized apps, tried to login again and ansible galaxy appeared in the list again, but the error is still there. Have anyone know what happened?

that was my next thought @CatalinaSindrilaru was revoking and getting it again. 500 is server side so I will poke the folks I tagged out of thread and see if I can get some eyes on it since I think for now, you have exhausted everything you can do.

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@tannerjc @jlmitch5 Can you please look into this? We really need to get this going.

Same problem happens for our colleagues: anton16, eduard-fironda. Thank you

I was trying to login to publish new update to my collection and I’m having same issue :frowning: is it still an open issue? i already tried to revoke and add the galaxy in the authorized apps in github but error persists…