Orphan namespaces


I am in charge of our company collection namespace: wescale.

  • Trying to publish only leads me to a 403 Forbidden error message.
  • Listing my namespaces through https://galaxy.ansible.com/ui/my-namespaces does not show wescale anymore.
  • Investigating details through the Access tab of the namespace does not show any owner.

I tried renewing my ANSIBLE_GALAXY_TOKEN with no success.

I’m looking for help please.

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We are currently investigating some ownership issues to namespaces right now. I’ll mark to check this one and report back when we think it is fix.


Thanks for the update.

Same goes for the collection that I also maintain: https://galaxy.ansible.com/ui/repo/published/rtnp/galaxie_clans/

Be strong. Thanks for your efforts. :heart_hands:

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The namespace wescale is back in my kingdom. Thanks a lot!

The second case was not clear enough : the namespace rtnp containing the collection galaxie_clans should be re-attributed to the Galaxy user rtnp.

Thanks again.


Awesome! And will get that other one switched back, thanks

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I confirm I got both back at hand. Thanks a lot!


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I’m also missing three namespaces that I had access to. How/who to contact to regain access?

We are auditing any mentions in the forum, so mention them here.

Or you can have a ticket opened in the issues.redhat.com epic if you are a customer via support.

Either is fine. We are working to try to resolve all cases we know about ASAP.

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My original namespace tonk is now tonk0 and in my management space I miss

  • ansilabnl
  • ansilab_nl

And I had manager rights on

  • menandmice

Thank you

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@tonk I believe I have fixed all of your namespaces.


Hi James,

Yep. They are all back again.

Thank you very much.

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Can you restore the owners to the paloaltonetworks namespace too please? Thanks

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