Need help to setup AAP with the redhat-cop/aap_configuration_template

I should probably have started to ask here, but I already filled an issue: Need explanations to use the installation part · Issue #38 · redhat-cop/aap_configuration_template · GitHub

As you can see, I’m having trouble installing Ansible Automation Platform using this playbook. I was wondering if anyone else is also struggling to get it set up and would be willing to collaborate on creating an installation guide?

I have experience manually installing AAP previously, both with the bundle installer and containerized installer. I’m also very familiar with configuring controllers using the ansible.controller collection, as I’ve already “config_as_code” my Tower. I’m also knowledgeable about ansible-navigator.

However, getting this playbook template to work for an AAP installation has been challenging so far. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Working together, perhaps we could document a step-by-step process to help others install AAP using this template.