Does anyone have examples of running CasC as a template on AAP?

My current customer doesn’t have a bastion host, and we are setting up CasC POC for them. They access their instance of AAP using an Azure token. When I run a task from the CasC playbook I get auth errors, which is expected since I don’t have a defined username/password to pass to the controller.

Any thoughts on how I could proceed with this situation and get a playbook that actually runs? Or is it by design meant to run with ansible-playbook or ansible-navigator from the command line?

Thank you for you thoughts on this

Hi @Karyn_Cassio,
What do you mean by “I run a task from the CasC”? Is it a job template that you launch from the controller’s webui?

If yes, then it may be just a matter of a missing “credential” that must be added on the project or job template.

Got it all figured out. Thanks for the input @laurent-indermuehle