How to Install AAP2.4 using terrraform on RHEL 8

Hello Team

Currently, our organization runs Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) version 2.4 on RHEL 8. We have a setup with 4 nodes, including 3 HA nodes and 1 database node managed by a controller. This setup was manually done on AWS. Now, we’re considering setting up new AAP environments using Terraform and also want to handle data restoration. I’m searching for existing Terraform modules to facilitate this transition. Our aim is to fully automate the setup process.

Can anyone please share any references materials I can use to move forward.


It seems the ansible/aap provider is now developing.

I don’t see it in Terraform Registry yet.

If you want to automate the configuration, I would suggest using Ansible’s ansible.controller or awx.awx collection for the current situation.

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