Video: Installing Ansible Automation Platform on OpenShift

Short demonstration of how to install Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) on top of Red Hat Openshift (OCP). If you don’t have AAP or OCP yet, any individual can access these products for free by registering to the Red Hat Developer program, which also provides access to the Red Hat documentation, RHEL and other Red Hat products.

To replicate this with upstream components you would need to use ansible-core, AWX operator, receptor, and several other Ansible ecosystem projects as well as OKD or Kubernetes

:stopwatch: Length 2:25
:iphone: Format: Vertical 9:16 for Mobile

What is covered in the demonstration:

  • Starting off in the operators menu, we’ll guide you to ‘OperatorHub’ where you’ll search for and find the Ansible Automation Platform ready for installation.
  • Dive into the specifics of the ‘Install Operator’ screen, ensuring everything is set for a smooth installation.
  • Witness the operator’s installation and explore the AAP Operator menu, where the creation of the ‘Automation Controller’ takes place.
  • Access the automation controller dashboard