My RedHatOfficial namespace is broken

When I log into ansible galaxy there are no namespaces listed anymore. Not for my user, dmc5179, and not the share namespace I managed, RedHatOfficial. I have a second github account, RedHatDan, but I don’t see it there either. What can I do to resolve this issue and see the namespaces in galaxy again? I’m unable to update them.

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The RedHatOffical legacy namespace is controlled by the provider namespace In the provider namespace’s access tab I see a user “dmc5179”.

What screens are you looking at that show no namespaces? The collection|provider namespaces you are an owner of will be listed here, but we don’t yet have an equivalent for legacy|role namespaces.

If you could provide a screenshot of the page(s) you aren’t finding what you expect, that’d be helpful.

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Interesting, I wasn’t seeing anything like that under namespaces the other day. Perhaps I missed it. I’m able to see my namespaces now. Thank you.