Incorrect namespaces name with 0

When I login to, I find one namespaces “zbradft0” in collections->namespaces->My namespaces. But the correct namespaces should be zbradft. I can see the collections under zbradft that I uploaded before, but I cannot manage these collections. Seems I can only manage zbradft0 now, but I did not use this namespaces before.

Could someone help how to resolve this problem? Thanks.

I’ve just logged in to find the same has happened with my namespace (“mwadman” and now “mwadman0”).
After reading through other recent posts (Unable to import roles anymore: namespace different from github organization and Lost access to namespace in Galaxy NG) it seems like @tannerjc needs to be changing these manually for now.

Can I please request that my namespace be fixed in a similar manner?

@zbradft and @mwadman both of your namespaces should be fixed now. Please check again.

Looking good now. Thank you, I appreciate the quick fix!

The namespace is correct now. Thanks @tannerjc for your help.