Lack of mobile-friendly / responsive UI in new galaxy docs

I usually have my 2560 pixel display with two windows side by side, so my effective browser width is 1280 pixels wide. This gives me a bad experience when trying to view docs on ansible galaxy.

The ansible galaxy navbar on the left takes up ‘X’ pixels, and so does the search section next to it. I don’t see any way to hide or shrink either of these. Once I find the doc page I’m looking for, it gets whatever is left. There is no horizontal scrolling, and the content does not fit the page, so it extends past the screen boundaries. I have to drag and highlight text, or more realistically, maximize/fullscreen my browser.

You aren’t likely to even have 1280 pixels on most smartphones in portrait mode.

I tried firefox in windows and chromium in linux, so I don’t think it’s a browser or platform issue.

Please add a responsive UI to make the docs more readable across the majority of screens. The assumption that 1920 pixels minimum would exist on any screen is not valid imo.