Increase size of AWX job output window

Hello Folks,

Recently migrated from AWX 15.x to 23.9.0.
Observing the job output window is very small in new AWX version.
Is it feasible to increase it’s size?

Did you happen to change your zoom? I had to increase my zoom to %150 on a 1080p monitor to get the output to match your scale relative to the side bar. Ctrl+0 should reset your browser’s zoom.

Nope, zoom is standard.
Increasing the zoom makes it worse with all the scroll bars.

I’ve got nothing then, sorry. :man_shrugging:

Hello @vibhor_agarwalin !

If you talking about the posibility of the job’s output windows have this boton →
I think that is a great idea!

Yes, but that button isn’t available anymore.
It used to be in older AWX versions.

Please refer image posted earlier in the thread.

Hi, could you please create new RFE on the GitHub? Thanks!

Here we go:


Have u try the new UI?

When ur on the overview page you should see a banner to take u to ui_next

UI feature request are probably gonna be made in the new UI

Don’t find the expand icon in new ui as well.

New ui seems very limited as of now with most of the features not available.