Visual clues in Topic lists

I’ve been on The Forum a while now, but I’m still discovering things in the interface. For example, some of the Topics listed below a thread are in “normal” type, while others are grayed out. At first I thought the gray ones are just aging out, but that isn’t always the case.

  • What is discourse trying to tell me by graying out listed Topic titles?

Sometimes a listed Topic title has an Ansible-colored circle at the right end. That circle may or may not have a number in it. I’ve got a guess, but I’m asking for a friend…

  • What’s the meaning of an Ansible-colored circle and optional number within it next to a Topic title?


Greyed out topics are ones that you have read all the posts in?

The coloured circle indicates a new topic, one that you haven’t read any posts from.

Where do you see a coloured circle with a number in it, I can’t find one of these?

Oh, wow. How did I never hover over the blue circles? They literally tell me what they mean.

Still not sure about the grayed out titles, though.

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Like the other person mentioned they are topics you already read.

The only numbers in circles I can think of in Discourse are the ones for link clicks :point_right: :point_left: like the one here.

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Like this:

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That’s a topic you are “tracking”:


IIRC this is the default behaviour for a topic that you read to the end of, it marks it as tracked so you see new replies.

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