Zuul cannot upload a collection release saying that it already exists but it doesn't

When I was trying to publish 5.0.1 of community.network, Zuul failed because Galaxy returns that release 5.0.1 already exists but it doesn’t.

The collection page shows the latest release as 5.0.0.

Before that attempt, I tried to upload 5.0.1 manually (failed as well), maybe there are some artifacts in cache left from those attempts that don’t allow Zuul publish it.

Could anyone please check?

Error messages:

Is this the same issue as Could not upload a new collection version to Ansible Galaxy or possibly related to it?


There were 2 attempts at uploading community.network 5.0.1 …


The first one failed because it appeared to be missing the manifest. The second failed because the backend by default saves any any all artifacts even if the upload failed (we need to try to fix this at some point) and then got tripped up on setting the highest version.

@tannerjc ok, how can i now upload the collection? I can’t do it manually because of the error and with Zuul. Could anybody remove the artifact?
I guess it’d be faster for me to try to release a mock 5.0.2 release but it would be wrong.

Did it (released 5.0.2) for the sake of experiment and it was published by Zuul on Galaxy.
One thing that can be important when talking about first-upload-attempt missed manifest error - I didn’t do any changes in the collection’s metadata, so now it’s not complaining, which is strange.