Latest version of collection not in Galaxy

We released version 2.3.0 of community.zabbix collection 5 days ago but it did not get pushed to galaxy. Please help investigate and put the latest verion into galaxy.
The source code of our collection is here GitHub - ansible-collections/community.zabbix: Zabbix Ansible modules
Thank you.

Galaxy has not received a new upload job for community.zabbix since the 2.2.0 release on 2023-11-11.

galaxy=> select pulp_created,name,kwargs from core_task where kwargs::text like '%community-zabbix%' order by pulp_created desc limit 10;
-[ RECORD 1 ]+------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
pulp_created | 2023-11-11 05:08:24.451451+00
name         |
kwargs       | {"data": {"sha256": "664b70b769034a74f0120a3a1a8e495e18472fce486e450ae8566dc8cf3abdfe", "artifact": "/api/pulp/api/v3/artifacts/018bbcc7-fa43-7275-829d-05d63c01ee52/", "repository": "/api/pulp/api/v3/repositories/ansible/ansible/104cd452-0ac7-4513-97c9-e1e41a33e3be/"}, "context": {"filename": "community-zabbix-2.2.0.tar.gz"}, "username": "ansibuddy", "filename_ns": "community", "general_args": ["ansible", "CollectionVersionUploadSerializer"], "repository_pk": "104cd452-0ac7-4513-97c9-e1e41a33e3be"}

How are your releases initiating uploads to

Unfortunately we don’t know how it is done. We just do new release and several minutes later it usually appears in galaxy. Please take a look at this discussion Access to collection

Okay, someone from the community team or the zuul maintainers will have to chime in then.

@felixfontein any ideas?

All community.* collections are usually published by Zuul, which works by you having to push a tag, and Zuul will build the collection from that tag (with the version in galaxy.yml set to the tag’s version) and publish it. It’s usually a good idea to take a look at Zuul when pushing a tag and watch the release process to see whether it succeeds or not (and afterwards check on Galaxy whether the newest version shows up - note that it can take a few seconds after publishing finished until it actually shows up; that’s new with the new Galaxy).

Looking at the builds for the collection (Zuul), you can see that the release step failed three times in a row (and thus failed totally). Unfortunately there seem to be no logs available - they might have already been deleted? (No idea what the log retention policy for Zuul is…) It’s usually best to check very soon and not a few days later.

In any case, the best thing is to re-push the tag to trigger the publish step another time. For that, assuming the remote for is called upstream, you can do git push :2.3.0 upstream (to delete the tag) and git push --tags upstream (to re-push all tags). That should delete and re-create the tag, and thus trigger Zuul again to publish the collection.


Thank you very much for detailed explanation! Re-pushing the tag did fix the issue. I will update our documentation that we need to watch Zuul when we are releasing.

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