HTTP 500/400 Errors when publishing collections


I’m publishing a collection through galaxy using a GitHub Action (GHA). Lately, I did a change in the version (most likely the cause of the problem) and since, I haven’t been able to see the import task URL, likely because I’m seeing a 500 error first and subsequently a 400 telling me that the collection already exists :laughing:

Here an example of the GHA where I get the 500

Created collection for tonyskapunk.beat at /github/workspace/tonyskapunk-beat-1.2.1699989185+202311141913.gitc0825d0.tar.gz
ERROR! Error when publishing collection to cmd_arg ( (HTTP Code: 500, Message: Internal Server Error Code: Unknown)
No config file found; using defaults
Publishing collection artifact '/github/workspace/tonyskapunk-beat-1.2.1699989185+202311141913.gitc0825d0.tar.gz' to cmd_arg

The strange part to me is the first 500 error, while it fails it seems like the collection is imported and published despite the error.

Just in case here the a subsequent GHA execution with the 400

Any help is appreciated as I would like to understand what is causing the error.


Ended up opening a bug in galaxy for this Publishing collection with certain version returns a 500 error · Issue #3287 · ansible/galaxy · GitHub

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