Two namespaces with same name on Galaxy NG


After Galaxy NG release there are two namespaces for our Org.

Original namespace: STEAMULO
New namespace: steamulo

On the Ansible Galaxy website, there are two namespaces : Ansible Galaxy
Ansible Galaxy

But we can manage only the seconde one (steamulo).
When we upload a new version of roles, it’s not available on the new namespace.

Can you delete the old one “STEAMULO”, or merge the two namespaces ?



We still face the same problem.

Can you please provide any fix ?

Thank you

I can confirm that this issue still exist in galaxy-ng. Now i have Role namespace called MonolithProjects and also monolithprojects. The new releases of the Roles are being uploaded to monolithprojects but Galaxy UI is always pointing to MonolithProjects. Can someone please fix this so we can have only our original namespaces (in my case it is MonolithProjects Ansible Galaxy

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