Strangeness with my *tiny* namespace.collection migration from old-galaxy to galaxy-ng

This is extremely unimportant, but the data point may be of use to the galaxy team.

My initial issue - extra namespaces w/ trailing digits - was quickly addressed, so thanks for that.

I have stayed “hands-off” except for logging into the new to avoid interfering with whatever y’all might be up to. I can stay that way or do stuff; whatever will help. This is not urgent as far as I’m concerned. But I do want to get this resolved one way or another eventually.

Current situation: I created a tiny collection back when it first became A Thing – 2019-10-19, almost exactly 4 years ago. You can find it here. This collection contains a and one filter plugin, but no roles, no modules, no playbooks. And though it built without issue back in the day, I have not updated its galaxy.yml with more modern stuff; ansible-lint is not impressed! It’s still sitting at version 1.0.0.

In the new galaxy, my-namespaces shows “No namespaces yet / This account is not set up to manage any namespaces”. However, a search in Collections for either “utoddl” or “logical” turns up:

Provided by utoddl
0 Modules 0 Roles 0 Plugins 0 Dependencies

That “0 Plugins” is concerning. The Contents link for it shows nothing!

Showing: all (0)

But it does indicate there have been 56 downloads (which I would have sworn was not happening yesterday!), and the install tab does have a functioning “download tarball” clickable thingy which does send the correct tarball.

My primary concern now is to claim and retain the “utoddl” namespace. I’m more concerned about that than possibly losing the “collection”. It could do with a rebuild after fixing its galaxy.yml to pass ansible-lint anyway. But the namespace itself has value to me.

Please advise about next steps. And know y’all’s continuing efforts are greatly appreciated.

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Very curious that you didn’t get added as an owner of the utoddl v3 namespace. Nothing I’ve experienced so far would have caused your login to not have been added during our various syncs from old galaxy or bulk fixes since the cutover.

However, I went ahead and added you as the owner of utoddl.

As to the content counts, I think that’s expected based on some of the context clues in your description. During collection or role import, we call galaxy-importer to validate the content (and it also calls ansible-lint) and to render the content information such as the documentation and plugins. If the galaxy-importer call fails, then the collection upload fails. In the case of all the synchronized collections from old galaxy, we had a “rebuild” task that called galaxy-importer out of band to re-build all the collection documentation. That process is bound to the same requirements as the upload process, so those collections still won’t have documentation or plugins even after the “rebuild”.

I did validate that this appears to be the case with the utoddl.logical collection …

(venv) [jtanner@p1 deleteme]$ python -m galaxy_importer.main utoddl-logical-1.0.0.tar.gz
Importing with galaxy-importer 0.4.13
Getting doc strings via ansible-doc
Finding content inside collection
Loading filter logical
ERROR: The import failed for the following reason: 'requires_ansible' in meta/runtime.yml is mandatory, but no meta/runtime.yml found

At a minimum, you’ll need to add the runtime.yml with the requires_ansible key and fix any other errors that galaxy-importer example gives. Once you resolve those issues and upload that new version, plugin counts and documenation should show up in the UI.


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