My galaxy content has evaporated

Browsing my namespace on galaxy, utoddl.logical seems to have gone on a diet: “0 Modules 0 Roles 0 Plugins 0 Dependencies”. There used to be a plugin in there, I promise!

Perhaps related: looking at My Namespaces shows four other namespaces (1) that are totally empty and (2) that I was totally unaware of: utoddl0, utoddl1, utoddl2, and utoddl3. The docs talk about deleting various entities, but I don’t see a way I can delete these bogus (as far as I’m concerned) empty namespaces.

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Thanks @utoddl for the report and sorry for the inconvenience. The team is investigating some strangeness that happened with namespace migrations right now.


I fixed the ownership for utoddl a couple days ago and also cleaned up the extra namespaces based on this post Strangeness with my *tiny* namespace.collection migration from old-galaxy to galaxy-ng

The plugin metadata issue still remains though. I believe that is due to the galaxy-importer code complaining about problems with the collection and not sending back the data (which implies it wouldn’t successfully publish right now either).


This is correct. The deficient 5-year-old metadata is easily fixed, but it’s the docs I’m stuck on. Internally we’re a gitlab shop. The bugaboo at the moment is that the has to render well on github, gitlab, and galaxy-ng. Both git*b services have APIs to render HTML from markdown, but not so on gal*, at least not without actually publishing a new version. That’s a little late in the process to determine the tables in your markdown - which are fine on git*b - are borked on galaxy.


If it’s just about the import step failing, and not about rendering badly, you can simply run galaxy-importer in CI to see whether it accepts the collection:

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Thanks for the link.

galaxy-importer has already pointed out at least one missing file, and the old meta/main.yml is … older than most hummingbirds! Standards have risen. Like I said, that’s easily fixed. I need to rewrite the docs, and that’s going to take time.

Fortunately, this collection may be the least important one on the whole platform. It’s literally two files: a plugin, and a (I’m not counting the metadata files.) I have lots more important stuff to put off before I can concentrate on putting this one off.


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