Shared Namespace in galaxy-ng


Would like to create a namespace in galaxy-ng to publish collections, I鈥檇 like to have this namespace shared among other people. I鈥檝e been looking around the forum and didn鈥檛 find instructions to achieve something like this.

Is there any documentation on how to create a namespace that can be handled by multiple people?


Hello again, adding a bit more detail in case is helpful.

We have a repo with collections: GitHub - redhatci/ansible-collection-redhatci-ocp and would like to create the redhatci namespace so we can publish the roles under the name ocp

We鈥檇 like to have that namespace managed by the people in the GH org: Members 路 People 路 redhatci 路 GitHub

Is there any doc to do this myself?

I鈥檝e seen some people helping here to create namespaces and wondering if this is the process for it. Thanks!

Closing this discussion as I found based on Galaxy Namespace Request that currently the process to request a namespace is via an issue: Sign in to GitHub 路 GitHub

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