Sending job failure notifications to Grafana dashboard


I would like to send job failure notifications from AWX to Grafana dashboard (Grafana version 8.4). In the Grafana side, should I need to configure datasource (Postgres) or just creating a dashboard is enough ?

On the AWX side, I will provide Grafana URL, API key.

Since this is kind of a push mechanism (AWX to Grafana), I don’t see the point of creating datasource in Grafana. Please help me to clarify this. Are there any KB articles for the same ?

There is one article on this subject in Ansible site but does not have full information.

Hi @amvj the doc you link is for tower 3.8 which is… ancient

here’s the latest doc on the topic.

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While that doc does show the few steps to set up a grafana notification in AWX - I believe the original question was more to do with how does grafana accept the incoming data from AWX?

There is no such data source plugin in grafana to add ansible