Programable Survey feature in AWX

This is one of the must thumbs up and frequently requested feature in the AWX project and recently when I attended Ansible Fest 2024 6 people came up to me and ask me about this feature.

At this point I do not know what is involve in implementing this feature but lets design it together!


this is something someone at Fest brought up to me for what they use as a workaround to AWX not having fancy forms

I have not used it yet, maybe there’s something we can learn about from this project

Open Source++

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We allow the user to fill in a URL in the Multiple-Choice answer types as a single option. The file will be fetched before building the UI for the survey and will populate the multiple choices. If there is a problem with the file the field should be the provided default or blank if there is none.

Just one workaround solution:

Ansible forms:


have you all used it @tanganellilore?

we are looking at it now in the meeting.

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one issue I could see with ansibleforms is currently I know many people use surveys to pass passwords into the automation and it would show in plain text if sent from the API as extra vars vs how the survey password option currently somewhat obfuscates the passwords at least if not securely manage it similar to credentials.

during today (May 14) community meeting @AlanCoding mention we want to add something around encrypted extra_vars to signal that encrypt it in database and do not show it on API [tech debt] Remove the `survey_passwords` field by AlanCoding · Pull Request #13091 · ansible/awx · GitHub this is the PR that he referenced

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I am struggling with ansible forms specifically with passwords. Since they are clear text in the api and a survey does “$encrypted$”

But other than that ansible forms is awsome! The feature to query a rest api (netbox in my case) changes AWX into datacenter wizard tool.