AWX Survey 'dynamic' options?

Hello, community !

I’m using AWX Survey with multiple variables. But i need to improve my AWX Survey to be able to populate survey choices that depend on prior survey choices.
For example if my first survey variable is called: region1, the second survey choice should be: A, B or C.
But if my first survey choice is other - region2, the second survey choice should be: D, E or F.
As i know AWX Survey still don’t have a thing called Dynamic/programmatical choices. But maybe there’re a way to somehow input a static structured format, for example, dict of lists, like:
dict1 = {'region1': [A, B, C], 'region2':[D, E, F]} ?

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Actually this is not possible with AWX.
As far as I know there are some issues for enhancement on this topic but are not prioritized.

Something that will bel also very interested is the usage of dynamic survey based on db query or something more complex that dependent choice.

I hope that team will evaluate those things.

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There is this open issue on GitHub:

Feel free to upvote the original post, looks like we’re not the only ones waiting for this feat :slight_smile:

Sept 2017… Good luck for us :smile:


hahhaha yet it’s a pretty alive thread lol

I’m just investigating a service catalog like service now for non awx user (so like legali team, PM od other).

I see squest from HP and AnsibleForms Docs - Graphical User Interface.
In the past RH will try to do that with GitHub - ansible/pinakes but seems that hti Technical preview will not become ready for production, probably due to agreement with servicenow :pensive:.

Squest is good but is very poor in terms of organization concept (no segregation of portfolio/service) .

I need to test ansibleforms…

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That ansibleforms link is quite interesting.

I originally couldn’t see the need for programmable/dynamic surveys since dynamic inventories would be able to provide what I thought was needed, but after looking through that webpage, I really like the idea behind it.

Very useful to have.

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Yes, also to me… This is why i wnat to test and investigare it.

Also forma can be designer online and can be accessibile to users and groups…so very intersting

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