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Ansible Docs | | 2023-08-29 15:01:04

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2023-08-29 15:01:04 Oranod ^info as a reminder, we are using the Ansible matrix meeting bot. The commands are ^info and ^action and anyone (on matrix) can use those commands to add to the meeting summary
2023-08-29 15:01:56 Oranod ^info here’s the agenda: DaWGs (Documentation Working Group) Meeting Agenda 2023 · Issue #678 · ansible/community · GitHub
2023-08-29 15:06:49 Oranod ^info awx operator docs are out and added to the ansible namespace on RTD. Ansible AWX Operator Documentation
2023-08-29 15:08:06 Oranod ^info there’s also a PR to update the link on the ecosystem page if anyone wants to review/approve: update awx operator docs home by oraNod · Pull Request #183 · ansible/docsite · GitHub
2023-08-29 15:14:42 Oranod ^info using RTD for ansible-core and the ecosystem docs. I sent a PR to add a RTD config for ansible-core docs and plan to revisit it this week. [WIP] Host core docs on readthedocs by oraNod · Pull Request #296 · ansible/ansible-documentation · GitHub
2023-08-29 15:32:39 Oranod ^info also it’s probably not a good idea to try and shoehorn the proposed ecosystem docs into the ansible-documentation repository. that would complicate the RTD set up and, really, perhaps it’s not something that people who contribute to the package or core docs actually care about.
2023-08-29 15:34:26 Oranod ^info samccann merged my docsite PR and now the GitHub - ansible/docsite: Static HTML and assets for repo is all new and shiny. thanks again to Sviat for the stellar review on the build side.
2023-08-29 15:43:26 Oranod ^info we’re working through porting over content from the private product-docs repo to ansible/awx. here’s the PR: Create AWX docsite with RST content by oraNod · Pull Request #14328 · ansible/awx · GitHub
2023-08-29 15:46:58 Oranod ^info open floor

Action Items

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2023-08-29 15:28:10 Oranod ^action @Oranod to spend time preparing the HackMD to describe the build and deploy changes for ansible-core and package docs for community review

Full log available here:full_log.txt

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