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  1. TOPIC: Action Items (, 15:02:37)
  2. TOPIC: Open Floor (, 15:29:25)
    1. INFO: it is ^info (, 15:34:36)
    2. INFO: brief update on the plan to fully migrate core docs to RTD - we've got the stage project up and running - we know it works and everything looks pretty good but we'll wait until we can move the package docs over as well so that we keep that `` subdomain attached to the "official" docs so there is no confusion (, 15:34:46)
    3. INFO: another update on the RTD migration is that there is the workflow to build package docs that I'm hacking on. please feel free to review and chime in at: (, 15:39:27)
    4. INFO: I think we'll need a separate repo for the RTD deploy side of things because it's a little awkward to have two projects in the same repo - core + package docs (, 15:40:19)
    5. INFO: I've created an experimental repo that can fetch the docs build archive that comes out of the workflow and deploy it to RTD, which is also open for review and criticism here: (, 15:41:18)
    6. INFO: Welcome to all the MUNI student tech writers! we've had several folks sign up for issues and a few PRs have already appeared so it's exciting to see a few contributions come in. if you happen to catch them around, please say hi and give them a hearty Ansible community welcome. (, 15:46:49)

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