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  1. LINK: agenda: (, 16:01:06)
  2. INFO: friendly reminder that the MUNI student tech writers are going to be picking doc projects to work on as part of their coursework and Ansible docs are an available choice for them. so we might get some new faces around and in the PR queue here asking questions. feel free to help out with the students and answer questions, etc. the whole point is for them to get some "real-world" experience on an open-source project. (, 16:06:03)
  3. LINK: (, 16:12:01)
  4. INFO: over in the awx-operator repo I've added a noxfile and session to build the docs in strict mode so we can integrate that into the PR checks and ci workflows (, 16:12:48)
  5. TOPIC: open floor (, 16:45:25)

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