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  1. TOPIC: new meeting time? (, 15:10:37)
    1. INFO: awx has a monthly meeting at this time. And asks if we can switch out our time (, 15:11:26)
  2. TOPIC: open floor (, 15:19:34)
    1. LINK: (, 15:22:36)
    2. INFO: we're building package docs on readthedocs now. please visit the project url and take a look and give your feedback! (, 15:23:12)
    3. INFO: last week I believe the question about notifying this matrix channel on docs build failures came up. to clarify, that was not about Jenkins builds but applies to the publishing workflow in the `ansible/ansible-documentation` repo. (, 15:27:18)
  3. TOPIC: disabling merge commits in the repo (, 15:30:19)
    1. INFO: not sure what folks think about disabling merge requests in the `ansible/ansible-documentation` repo but I'm not a fan of the merge commits. maybe I just need to adjust what I'm doing and select squash when I merge stuff. it seems like the git history has become a bit noisy. (, 15:36:46)
    2. LINK: (, 15:41:00)
  4. TOPIC: setting up a new RTD project for core docs (, 15:50:54)
    1. INFO: right now the RTD project that is associated with the `ansible/ansible-documentation` repo is "stage-ansible-core" and none of the core team members seem to be maintainers. we set that project up to evaluate things like PR previews but it was before we had the publishing workflow and were still uncertain whether we would be able to fully migrate `` to RTD. (, 15:53:06)
    2. INFO: now that we know we can actually do the migration, I plan to create a new RTD project named "ansible-core" because renaming doesn't seem to fully remove the "stage" bit in a couple of places. I'll also make sure that core team members are maintainers of the project. because that project is associated with the docs repo, we'll need to make sure it builds PR previews. however this might affect existing PRs. I believe we'll need to close and re-open any PRs after we set up the new project to re-enable the preview builds. (, 15:56:00)
    3. INFO: this new project also means that some of the current maintainers - like myself, Felix Fontein and gotmax23 might not necessarily be maintainers in the new project because it will belong more to the core team (, 15:57:14)

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