Introduce yourself!

Hi all,

I’m Andrea from Milan, Italy

I’ve been using Ansible for labs and now i’m starting to use it in dev environments, and i’m loving it.


Dustin, aka Dustin. Been doing network administration since 2006. Wanted to be a programmer, but the closest college didn’t have enough enrollment for programmers. So, I decided to be a networker.

After 18 years in my career, I now spend my time making code and networking work together to help with standard deployments, auditing, and lifecycle management of the infrastructure we all depend on to move our packets.


Hello all,

I’m Mohamed from Brussels, Belgium

It’s been at least 7 years that i am using ansible for various (every)things, like compliancy checks, disasters recovery management, everything to ease the life of my team :slight_smile:

During these years saw the evolution of Ansible, from “full battery” to collection mode. And AWX from PyEnvs to Container/EE based setup.

It’s finally good to share how good and frustrating ansible can be ^^ .



I’m Searge from Northwest Ukraine :ukraine:
As DevOps, I’m using Ansible for various project as provisioning system & for deployment.