Forum launch - how did we do?

Well, that was a busy couple of weeks! :grinning: :partying_face: Time for a round up and a couple of important changes (see below)

This forum is now (publicly) over 2 weeks old (using the blog announcement as the start time), so I thought it would be a good moment to update you on how that went, the feedback we’ve had, and what’s coming up next. Let’s dive in!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Launch stats

Launching a new thing is hard - there’s so much competition for our attention these days. In that context, I am beyond delighted with the interest & uptake in our new platform. Here’s a few graphs:

Posts per day Daily engaged users

The first is pageviews - not the best metric, I know, but one that is directly comparable to Reddit, and amazingly we got one quarter of our Reddit traffic over the same period. Frankly, I had to recheck my figures for that - the Reddit site has been around for years and has thousands of subscribers and this is brand-new, so 100k pageviews (per month, pro-rata) is huge.

The second is posts-per-day, and the third is “daily enagaged users” which counts people who Like a post as well as those who actually write something. Obviously there’s a spike at launch, but I’m pleased to see the sustained level through the rest of the period - having 30-40 regular daily visitors at this stage is a good sign for the future.

I went and added up the number of posts on the old ansible-project mailing list in the same period (by hand, yuck) and I think (because I might have miscounted) that we’ve had around 300-400% more posts than over there. Again, for the first two weeks, that’s a strong indication that this tool is wanted by a sizeable part of the community.

Speaking of size - right now there are somewhere above 600 people signed up! Hopefully you’re all finding your way around (and please contact us if you’re struggling) and we’re starting to see the first batch of users getting their promotions to Trust Level 1 (and even 2 for some super keen people).

So, thank you to everyone for your involvement! :bowing_man: :two_hearts:

:hammer_and_wrench: Changes so far (and upcoming)

With such a large influx has come some excellent feedback :mega: :writing_hand: so let’s take a look at the changes!

Important changes - these might be something you want to alter!

  • @jbericat pointed out that a couple of the defaults were not great for replies and notifications - in particular replies to topics you replied to don’t notify you directly (although they are marked with a number in the sidebar, eg “2 unread”). I’ve changed that now, so you may get more notifications than before - you can change it back in your own settings here
  • Related, I’ve also updated the Events category to be Tracked by default - visibility of things the community is doing near you is (hopefully) worth being told about. This won’t generate notifications but it will add unread topics to the side bar. Again, you can change this for yourself if you prefer!

:arrow_upper_right: Upcoming things

  • More groups!
  • More events!
    • We’re already seeing good traction for things like the Contributor Summit in October
    • I’m hearing that more meetup groups might be getting going soon :wink: :tada:
      -Working groups are setting up their meeting agendas
  • Accessibility - @jillr raised some excellent points in this topic and we’re working with CDCK (our hosts) on this
  • Integrations - we’re already pushing notifications to our Matrix chat rooms, but there’s more we can do here (send me your ideas!)
  • Badges! Oh, so many badges to give out - recognition for community efforts is something we want to do, and we’ve settled on using this place to do so. We’ve already created our first, and there will be more to come (the Fedora badge system is a great example of how this can work, and I like us to do something similar)

:cake: Thank you! :heart:

I’ve launched a whole bunch of community initiatives over the years, and nothing has ever taken off like this. Thank you all so much for being here at the start - now go spread the word. Invite your colleagues (did you know you get a badge for that?), post about it in your circles … let’s make this the place to discuss Ansible!

Onwards! (and let me know your thoughts below :stuck_out_tongue:)


I am loving the gamification of everything. You all are doing a great job :raised_hands:


this is so awesome and I’m happy to see.


Awesome, I know it likely spiked the first week, but I see this as a snowball, as more and more users move conversations here.


Absolutely loving it! And not only is the best place for discussing Ansible, but the people here are incredibly friendly also :heart: