Opening up the forum for everyone - timeframe

I think I’ve spoken with most (if not all) of you about how the “private beta” of the forum needed to be short, because a forum is not much use without wider participation. To that end, I would like to make the site open-to-everyone soon, maybe even tomorrow? Certainly by early next week.

Does anyone have any objections, or anything they’d like cleaned up before we do so? If you’re all good with this, give me a like :heart: on this post. If you have concerns, hit Reply or send me a PM[1].

(I’m posting this here in News because I want to get eyeballs on this - abuse of power FTW :rofl: )

  1. Note this is not the full “big reveal” but rather a soft launch to make the site more useful and start trying it out in real situations. We’re planning a bigger launch for early September.


I’m going to flip this tonight, around midnight UK time. I’ll then move this topic to Forum Guide & Feedback and set the banner back to Welcome to the Ansible Community! 👋

Hold tight! :tada: :partying_face: :rocket: