Collection - Update Image


I’m trying to figure out how to update the image associated with a collection. Right now it is showing the Ansible logo.

  • I navigate to the collection
  • See the image that looks like the Ansible logo

I followed what I would have expected in how to update the image that I did on the namespace. That has updated successfully. But there is no where that I see on how to update the image associated with a collection.

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Hello, thanks for the report, sorry you are experiencing the issue.

The way the architecture works with Pulp behind the scenes, the content itself i.e. collection is immutable. So there’s no way to change the logo on the collection. What should be happening is the logo you have set for namespace should cascade down. This is a known issue we are actively trying to fix with some updates to namespaces. Don’t have an ETA right now, but this is definitely on our radar to fix.

Thanks again,

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Ok, so this sounds like we may need to move networktocode.nautobot to nautobot.nautobot namespace to get the appropriate set up.

I’m not sure I understand.

You set the image on the namespace (whichever one it is in), it should propogate down to collections in the image. It doesn’t right now, which is a bug we are working on fixing.

I don’t think moving the namespace will fix the issue right now.