Default Tracking vs Watching for replies on a topic

Hello @gwmngilfen

I believe there is something wrong with forum notifications, since I did not receive any after being replied by another user in a post I am tracking. More precisely: On the enclosed screenshot, I believe there should be a notification from bspigari almost on top, but there are none from him (the latest notification of the same user is from several days ago):

Could it be? Or maybe I am missing something?


Its a good question! There isn’t a “bug” here, but it’s worth explaining why

Firstly, note the bottom of your photo - you are “tracking” this topic, which means you don’t get a notify for every reply (that would be Watching)

Second, the reply isn’t to you but to the topic in general - you can tell because there’s no :arrow_upper_right: and avatar above the reply. So this is “just” a new post on the topic.

Finally, you aren’t named (via @) in the post. So in the absence of a specific reason to notify you, you get the Tracking behaviour.

Now, the real question is why that topic was Tracking in the first place - normally once you interact with a topic it gets moved to Watching so you do get notified. Did you change that, at all?

Thanks for asking, by the way!

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@jbericat Ah, I found it, check under Preferences > Tracking. You’ll see something like this:

What is that set to?

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Ah, looks like the default is Tracking. I can probably change that for everyone, but I’ll need to do a News & Announcements post about it. Thanks for alerting me!

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No worries Greg, I’m so very happy to help. Actually I really LOVE this forum, so I want it running at peak performance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Moved this to a new topic to keep the other one clean. I’m going to update this setting now for everyone and send a news post about it.

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