What is ansible-collections/.github repo used for?

… It was on a list of possible repos we can archive but @mariolenz pointed out that it’s used by community.general, amongst other places.

So I’m thinking we can’t archive it… .but maybe based on the answer to this topic, we can add a readme to describe it?

See this help doc for more info: Creating a default community health file - GitHub Docs

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Yes. Also the .github repository contains default issue and PR templates. So basically almost every repository in Ansible Collections · GitHub is indirectly using that repository, so it should definitely not be archived.

In fact community.general is one of the few repos which uses this least, since it has its own set of issue templates (see the issue and PR templates in community.general/.github at main · ansible-collections/community.general · GitHub). :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone! I added a simple readme to the repo so future me (or anyone else who decides to take a broom to what looks like old repos) will know.