Should we revive the Ansible examples repo?

I recently stumbled on the Ansible examples repo. It hasn’t really been maintained in a few years and would likely take a considerable effort to both revive it (aka review what’s there, fix/update as needed) and maintain it going forward (review/merge PRs, fix issues, etc).

I bring this up because it has a lot of stars/forks, and even though it hasn’t been maintained in years, it’s still getting issues and PRs open.

So I’m wondering in general what folks think about this repo and whether we as a community want to try taking it on.

Would be nice to figure out the repo original purpose. If it was used to refer to it from ansible-core documentation, it’s OK to have it there then and core has access to merge stuff and there’s no need to revive things.

If it was supposed to be used by anyone who want to share something, I think what people were posting there last time actively in mid 2020 was their subjective vision on solving some automation issues. Not sure if we should invest time in stuff we’ve no idea about quality and usefulness of. If people want to share something, they can write an article and refer to their own repos from those articles.

In my vision, the end source of truth should be good roles and collections/projects documentation (including examples) created by their communities and living in their repos and, resp, available on Galaxy or their docsites.

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I tend to archive this. I guess most people would ask here in the forum or use the search engine of their choice to find Ansible examples, and there are enough around in blog posts and elsewhere to find this way.

Also, I agree with @Andersson007:

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I asked a couple of core folks and the thought was whomever was the original maintainer has gone for some time.

As for documentation - we link to this repo about a dozen times in different places in the docs, which may be why we still get issues and PRs created for it.

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How about stopping linking (if there’s an open issue, i would take a look or volunteers are welcome) and archiving?
In places where it’s not possible/reasonable, we could move those examples on If they are too large, i don’t know, maybe just remove those links then: it’s probably irrelevant anyway.
As Mario said, there’s a lot of content on the internet and the forum

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