Vmware_guest_info parameter field not finding value

Hi - When I execute the vmware_guest_info module without the ‘properties’ parameter, the task succeeds and a subsequent debug/msg shows the expected output:

    "msg": "The vm_info output is {'instance': {'_vimid': 'vm-40213', '_vimref': 'vim.VirtualMachine:vm-40213', '_vimtype': 'vim.VirtualMachine', 'alarmActionsEnabled': True . . .

But when I try to use the vmware_guest_info ‘properties’ parameter as described in the documentation, the debug/msg always returns:

fatal: [ldpdd196.hop.lab.emc.com → localhost]: FAILED! => {“changed”: false, “msg”: “Property ‘_vimid’ not found.”}

I’ve tried all the combinations of defining the ‘properties’ value that I can think of (square brackets, quotes, etc.), but nothing works. It doesn’t help that the sample ‘Return Values’ in the documentation does not match the values used in the Examples.

- name: Retrieve VM information
    hostname: "{{ management_vcenter_ip }}"
    validate_certs: false
    username: "{{ management_vcenter_user }}"
    password: "{{ management_vcenter_password }}"
    datacenter: "{{ datacenter }}"
    folder: "{{ vm_folder }}"
    name: "{{ vm_name }}"
    schema: vsphere
    properties: ["_vimid"]
  delegate_to: localhost
  register: vm_info

- debug:
    msg: "The vm_info output is {{ vm_info }}"

Thoughts, please! Thanks!

i think the property gets renamed at some point. try moid