Using an EE from in AWX 24.3.1

Hello all,

After working creating Job Templates in Ansible Automation Platform 2.2, I am trying to work on setting up something similar in AWX. Mind you I did not take care of the Ansible Environment; I did most of the development for the company I was working for.

So I have a problem since I work almost entirely in Windows environments, and I have been slowly learning Linux and Ansible in the past few years. Needless to say, my prowess is no where near to my almost 30 years of working on Windows Environments, so I apologize if I say ignorant things or ask dumb questions.

Setting up AWX has been a huge undertaking and struggle for me. I think I have it working ok, I can run win_ping and have winrm set up to work with NTLM for the time being in a small test AD environment. After some research, I found that I may need the collection, as well as the collection as they are not included in the awx-ee:latest EE environment. After spending two days of reading and trying things, I got nowhere fast. Besides understanding the concepts of a base image and the collection I needed, the rest of the “ansible-build” process was entirely lost on me. I have no idea what I am doing with that tool or how to wield it properly to get results. Containers are not my strong suite. Anyway, the old standby of copying something else that is already there works for me as well. I found something on the quay repo that had the things I needed, and I added the info for that EE into my AWX Execution Environments, assuming it would just work as the other 2 came from there as well. I added it in and ran a simple job template and got the error: Receptor detail:
Error creating pod: container failed to start, ImagePullBackOff I have no idea what that means, except that it didn’t start. Any ideas on why something on can’t pull? I have googled and haven’t really come up with anything definitive. I wish the was an EE for Windows guys that was ready to go, that would be nice. Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @bigjon440
First of all, cheers for all that effort, I was in the same situation last year and now i’m able to create my own EE image for AWX with collection I need :slight_smile:

  • About ImagePullBackOff in brief it means one of many of your K8s pods fails to retrieve the image you’re looking for, and reasons may be multiple.

  • So at the moment I assume you can’t launch anything from your platform right ? no matter if you’re using latest EE or a custom EE ?

  • Did you succeed to create an EE image with collection you need or is it still under development ?

EE shared on already have some Windows collection but maybe not the one you need.

To compare, for my AWX/Windows purpose, I use these pre-requisites in my EE :
Python-pip modules:

AND ansible-collection

is your EE stored in a private registry? if so you’ll need to create a credential and attach it to your EE so that the job pods can pull the images when running your playbooks.