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I am new to ansible and currently working on to do some automation on HP ILO servers to configure some settings. I came across Ansible ILO collection Ansible Galaxy which uses various modules, for example - community.general.ilo_redfish_config that I can use to perform various tasks. However, I could not find any information about parameter “command” in this module. Please reger below code that provide value “SetNTPServers” to command parameter.

  • name: Set NTP Servers
    category: Manager
    command: SetNTPServers
    baseuri: 15.X.X.X
    username: Admin
    password: Testpass123
    attribute_name: StaticNTPServers
    attribute_value: X.X.X.X
    As per documentation, “command” parameter accepts " List of commands to execute on iLO"". Can someone please suggest where I can find the list of values that are accepted in this “command”. Are there specific values that we can use here or is it just userfriendly name and based on the attribute_name it will do the required task ?
    There are couple of examples on this but there is no information about from where these values are taken.

I guess you would need to refer to the HP documentation for the available commands?

Perhaps they are documented here?

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the reply.
I have tried this already but I could not find anything in this documenation also. Like I said, I am new to this so maybe missing something so thought of taking help here

Just in case someone comes over this topic again. I have found the solution.
Commands that modules accepts are listed in
ilo-ansible-collection/plugins/modules at main · HewlettPackard/ilo-ansible-collection · GitHub under

“Manager”: [

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BTW There’s also a collection hpe.ilo. If you’re trying to automate HPE hardware / iLO and don’t know it yet, it might be worth to have a look at.

It’s not part of the Ansible Community Package so you would have to install it separately, though.

Module that I asked question for is part of the ilo collection, so for me its not useful because it supports only few commands as of now.
However, I have figured out for now to use API calls to modify the settings I need.

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