Unable to import roles: Role namespace is differ from github organization

Hi everybody,

I’m currently experiencing issues importing roles into Galaxy and getting 404 repository not found when importing a role into Galaxy.
Earlier I used to import roles into

Galaxy namespace (opstree_devops ) from the GitHub organization (ot-osm ). However, today, when I try to import a role using the details below:

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/ot-osm/prometheus
Galaxy Namespace: opstree_devops
GitHub Username: oo4abhishek

It attempts to import the role from https://github.com/oo4abhishek/prometheus , which does not exist. Any insights into this issue would be appreciated.
For details refer screenshot

If the repository url is GitHub - OT-OSM/prometheus then you should be putting “ot-osm” for the “Github user” field.

Currently the opstree_devops.prometheus role is pointed at https://github.com/opstree_devops/prometheus which does not exist either.

If your intent is to import the role from GitHub - OT-OSM/prometheus into the role fqn opstree_devops.prometheus, you should use the following values for the import form …

github user: ot-osm
github repository: prometheus
namespace name: opstree_devops
role name: prometheus

Hi @tannerjc,
Thanks for the information.
However, the concern persists. If I use GitHub user: ot-osm , it results in a 403 error, stating “Permission denied to import.” Any guidance on resolving this issue would be helpful.

What is your github login that you’ve authenticated to galaxy with?

My login github username is oo4abhishek

Because “opstree_devops” is technically the “override” namespace, you are still bound to whatever permissions are set on the “ot-osm” namespace.

legacy namespace ot-osm did not have a “provider” namespace to control access and therefore your import was denied.

I’ve bound the legacy ot-osm namespace with the v3 provider namespace ot_osm and then added you as an owner.

That should theoretically allow you to import roles into the ot-osm namespace, which is a necessary permission even though you are setting an override namespace.