How to create a new role on Ansible Galaxy?

Hi! I’d like to publish a role on ansible galaxy. I made an account and a “caboteria” namespace (I had a link but I’m a new user so that caused my post to be rejected)

The namespace says that roles will appear when I import them, so I chose the “Import role” option from the menu in the upper right.

The role code is at GitHub - caboteria/ansible-role-firefox at deb and it’s a fork of an existing role.

On the role page I entered the following:

  • GH user: caboteria
  • GH repo: ansible-role-firefox
  • GH ref: deb (I want to import from a branch)
  • Namespace name: caboteria (the namespace in the metadata is different but I’m making a fork)
  • Role name: firefox (not sure if this is needed)

The “Will clone” link is correct, it points to the repo.

Click “Import”, then go to https: // It says the import failed in 5 hours but I think that’s a timezone bug since it failed immediately.

The error message is:

Starting import: task_id=2062671229682731134284557851035589725, pulp_id=018d418b-1840-77e7-bacd-54fc203e5c5d 
==== PARAMETERS ==== 
importer username: caboteria 
matched user: caboteria id:21984 
github_user: caboteria 
github_repo: ansible-role-firefox 
github_reference: deb 
alternate_clone_url: None 
alternate_namespace_name: caboteria 
alternate_role_name: firefox 
user:caboteria repo:ansible-role-firefox did not match any existing roles 
===== CLONING REPO ===== 
cloning ... 


I’m not sure what “did not match any existing roles” means since I’m trying to create a new role. Do I need to “create” a role before I can import it?

Thank you for your help!

PS. Got an error when I tried to submit the post saying that new users can only submit two links. This makes it difficult to provide the relevant data.

I see that some successful imports say “did not match any existing roles” so that might be a red herring, in which case the sum of the error information is the word “Failed”.

I tried cloning the URL in the “cloning” message and that worked.