The namespace for the collection used only within the organization

Is there a namespace for the collection that will only be used within the organization?

We do not plan to upload any collections to Ansible Galaxy or Automation Hub.
However, for the purpose of using documentation tools (such as anstibull-docs), we want to treat the roles we have developed as collections. To do this, we need a namespace.

Similar use cases for domain names like .test.

A similar question was once asked on the ansible-project mailing list (, unfortunately without any reaction.

Namespaces such as test or private seem to not yet exist; local exists, and is somehow associated to @geerlingguy and @gundalow (Ansible Galaxy). I hope local has been reserved for exactly the purpose that you ask for, but I cannot find it documented anywhere.


Yes, we reserved local precisely for that reason.


@felixfontein Thank you for the information.

@geerlingguy Thank you. Now then, we will also use the local namespace for our organization locally.

I started an attempt to document collection naming, that also includes the local namespace: Document collection naming by felixfontein · Pull Request #987 · ansible/ansible-documentation · GitHub


Excellent! Thak you.

Could that be extended to local.* (regex)? We have several different local collections that we would like to distinguish.

local is a namespace, in that you can use every name you want, like,, local.baz, local.bam, …

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I have confirmed that an addition has been made to the section Naming your collection in page Creating collections in the official documentation about local namespace.

Thank you!


True. And the local.* (regex) namespace reservation ship has already sailed. (localhappiness) That’s okay though. We can live with local.

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