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Issue #143, 2024-06-28 (Past Issues)

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KEY DATES :stopwatch:

  • 2024-07-15: ETA for Ansible-Core 2.17.2
  • 2024-07-16: ETA for Ansible 10.2.0 release
  • 2024-07-16: ETA for Ansible 9.8.0 release
  • 2024-07-11: ETA for next AWX and AWX operator releases
  • 2024-07-01: DaWGs meeting, 15:00 UTC
  • 2024-07-03: Community WG meeting, 18:00 UTC
  • 2024-07-04: Bullhorn #143 content deadline, 18:00 UTC


Felix Fontein said

If you use the shared workflows from ansible-community/github-docs-build/ (GitHub - ansible-community/github-docs-build: GitHub actions and workflows for building Ansible collection documentation.) to publish your collection’s documentation to GitHub pages, please check out The instructions on using GitHub Pages to publish docs are outdated and will stop working on June 30th · Issue #92 · ansible-community/github-docs-build · GitHub respectively Collection documentation using GitHub Actions: changes to how GH pages can be published - GitHub changes the way how GitHub Pages can be published, and the old way (also described in the github-docs-build repo’s wiki) will stop working on June 30th.

samccann contributed

We have a new category in the Ansible forum for content development! This is a section dedicated to developing automation content (roles, collections, and so on). Come join the discussion!


demetri said

This release is the first GA version of the IBM z/OS core collection to support IBM Z Open Automation Utilities (ZOAU) version 1.3.x. Considerable effort was made in this release to adopt the latest changes in ZOAU! It is now generally available on Galaxy, GitHub, and Automation Hub.
Take a moment to read the release blog where we explain in detail the latest changes as well as required actions.

yurnov contributed

network team released a new major version of collections maintained by them with droop support of ansible-core versions lower than 2.15.0:
cisco.iosxr v10.0.0
arista.eos v10.0.0
junipernetworks.junos v9.0.0 v4.0.0
All of that released a week ago or so

ansible-announce said

New release: ansible-builder 3.1.0 - New release: ansible-builder 3.1.0

Ansible-Core :arrow_upper_right:

The ansible-core package contains the base engine and a small subset of modules and plugins. To see what’s planned for the next release, look at the ansible-core roadmaps.

ansible-announce shared

New Release: ansible-core v2.17.1 - New Release: ansible-core v2.17.1

ansible-announce shared

New Release: ansible-core v2.16.8 - New Release: ansible-core v2.16.8

Antsibull :arrow_upper_right:

Tooling for building the Ansible package and collection documentation.

Felix Fontein said

antsibull-changelog 0.29.0 (antsibull-changelog/ at 0.29.0 · ansible-community/antsibull-changelog · GitHub) has been released with new features: you can now control how the versions are sorted in changelogs/changelog.yaml with the new changelog_sort config option, and you can rewrite changelogs/changelog.yaml with the new reformat command.

This release also removes support for the deprecated ‘classic’ changelog format that was used for Ansible 2.9. This does not affect Ansible collections, ansible-base/ansible-core, or other projects (unless someone explicitly requested the old format by setting changes_format to classic).

Ansible Community Package :arrow_upper_right:

The Ansible package includes ansible-core and is a batteries-included package that provides a curated set of Ansible collections. See the Ansible roadmaps for future release plans.

Felix Fontein contributed

Ansible 9.7.0 package is here! :heart:
:link:Release announcement: Ansible community package 9.7.0

:minidisc:You can install it by running the following command:
python3 -m pip install ansible==9.7.0 --user

:arrow_right: Check Release Notes​:package::spiral_notepad: (ansible-build-data/9/ at 9.7.0 · ansible-community/ansible-build-data · GitHub) and Ansible 9 Porting Guide (Ansible 9 Porting Guide — Ansible Community Documentation) for more details!

Felix Fontein shared

Ansible 10.1.0 package is here! :heart:
:link:Release announcement: Ansible community package 10.1.0

:minidisc:You can install it by running the following command:
python3 -m pip install ansible==10.1.0 --user

:arrow_right: Check Release Notes​:package::spiral_notepad: (ansible-build-data/10/ at 10.1.0 · ansible-community/ansible-build-data · GitHub) and Ansible 10 Porting Guide (Ansible 10 Porting Guide — Ansible Community Documentation) for more details!

PROJECT UPDATES :hammer_and_wrench:

thedoubl3j shared

Hi all,

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of AWX, version 24.6.0 is now available!

Some notable features include:

  • Updated platform ingress to not allow modification of the shared resources (PR #15234)
  • Added option for the dev environment to enable SSL for PostgreSQL (PR #15151)
    ALLOW_LOCAL_RESOURCE_MANAGEMENT so the same setting is used across the platform (PR #15269)
  • Added the ability to create a Terraform State inventory source with the ‘awx.awx.inventory_source’ module (PR #15258)
  • Added option for OpenShift Virtualization Inventory source (PR #15047)

In addition, AWX Operator version 2.19.0 has also been released!
Some notable features include:

  • Added scheduling controls to Mesh Ingress (PR #1892)
  • Added the ability to apply custom labels to DB migration pods (PR #1878)

Please see the releases pages for more details:

The AWX team

anwesha shared

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to announce the release of the

What’s inside Ansible Community Execution Environment Base 2.17-1(Latest)?

This container image includes :

  • Base_image: fedora 40

  • ansible-core: ansible-core 2.17.1 (latest version of ansible-core)

  • collections: The following set of collections

  • ansible.posix 1.5.4

  • ansible.utils 4.1.0

  • 2.3.0

How to get community-ee-base 2.17.1-1 (Latest)?

podman pull

Install from command line via image tag

podman pull

podman pull

What’s inside Ansible Community Execution Environment Minimal 2.17.1-1(Latest)?

  • base_image: fedora 40
  • ansible-core: ansible-core 2.17.1 (latest version of ansible-core)

How to get community-ee-minimal 2.17.1-1 (Latest)?

podman pull

To know about future releases

Join the Ansible Community Forum to follow along and participate in all the discussions and release related discussions and announcements. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns there

Subscribe to the Bullhorn for all future release dates, announcements, and Ansible community contributor news.

On behalf of the Ansible community, thank you and happy automating!


Ansible Community Team

Oranod contributed

Exciting news for the Ansible documentation. We’ve been banging away at getting the community package docs to build and deploy under the ansible namespace on ReadTheDocs. This is all part of the initiative to open up publishing to the community and improve the delivery of Ansible docs. We’ve got a shiny new GitHub workflow for publishing in the ansible/ansible-documentation repo and you can now find the community package docs here: Ansible Documentation — Ansible Community Documentation

For the time being you should consider these docs a test site. Always refer to for the most up to date community package docs and ansible-core docs.

We’re pretty much just giving a heads up right now. There is still work to do with the migration to ReadTheDocs and more to come. But we want to get the word out that we’ll be moving and give everyone time to update their bookmarks and provide feedback. If you have questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Please join us on the forum - you can reply to this thread - or visit us in the docs channel on Matrix.


mariolenz shared

Since openvswitch.openvswitch has not only been deprecated by the maintainers, but will also officially not support ansibl-core 2.18 it will be removed from the Ansible Community Package 11.

Felix Fontein shared

community.sops 1.7.0 (community.sops/ at main · ansible-collections/community.sops · GitHub) is out with a new feature for the vars plugin, and with compatibility for SOPS 3.9.0. Unfortunately the URL of the RPM images of 3.9.0 changed so installing SOPS on systems using RPM will not work with older versions of the collection.

mariolenz said

It looks like the netapp_eseries.santricity collection is effectively unmaintained. According to the current Ansible Community Package Collections Removal Process, we consider removing it in a future version of the Ansible Community Package. Please see Unmaintained collection: netapp_eseries.santricity for more information or to announce that you’re interested in taking over the maintenance of (a fork of) netapp_eseries.santricity.

At least one month after this announcement appears here and in the collection’s issue tracker, the Ansible Community Steering Committee will vote on whether this collection is considered unmaintained and will be removed, or whether it will be kept. If it will be removed, this will happen earliest in Ansible Community Package 12. Please note that you can still manually install the collection with ansible-galaxy collection install netapp_eseries.santricity even when it has been removed from Ansible Community Package.

Felix Fontein shared

community.routeros 2.16.0 (community.routeros/ at main · ansible-collections/community.routeros · GitHub) has been released with new features for the API modules.

mariolenz contributed

Since frr.frr has not only been deprecated by the maintainers, but will also officially not support ansibl-core 2.18 it will be removed from the Ansible Community Package 11.

Felix Fontein contributed

community.general 9.1.0 (community.general/ at stable-9 · ansible-collections/community.general · GitHub) and community.general 8.6.2 (community.general/ at stable-8 · ansible-collections/community.general · GitHub) have been released with bugfixes (both releases), new features, and new plugins and modules (only 9.1.0). Thanks to all contributors!

Maintainers :arrow_upper_right:

Maintainers help to run the community!

yurnov shared

the kubernetes.core collection version 3.2.0 have been released


gundalow contributed

The vyos.vyos Collection has not been deprecated

The VyOS team have agreed to become the maintainers of the vyos.vyos collection. This means the collection will not be removed from the ansible Community Package.

The networking team have just released vyos.vyos 5.0.0 which addresses the previous concerns that put the collection at risk of deprecation. After that the collection will move to the VyOS GitHub organisation.

If you are interested in helping out, please add a comment to this Forum Post.


gundalow shared

Proposal: Consolidating Ansible discussion platforms

We’ve been thinking for a while about the various communication channels that exist for the wider Ansible Community. We want to establish The Forum as the default discussion platform.

We are NOT proposing disabling Matrix/IRC, we are suggesting that most places (docs & GitHub repos) would only link to The Forum. This is about reducing fragmentation, and (hopefully) means nobody asks for help in an empty chat room.

While this seems like the next logical step, and something we’ve discussed since The Forum’s launch in the Ansible Community Strategy 2023, we know this is a big change, so want to make sure we get this right.

Please join the discusion and share your perspective via the Proposal: Consolidating Ansible discussion platforms Forum post.

mariolenz contributed

There is now a vote on recommending to avoid using aliases for module options.


Have any questions you’d like to ask, or issues you’d like to see covered? Please ask in! See you next time!