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rochacbruno contributed

Introducing the New Ansible Galaxy

Over the past few months, the dedicated Red Hat Ansible team responsible for the Ansible Automation Hub and Ansible Cloud Automation Hub, both accessible via, has been on a mission to elevate the galaxy_ng code base. This code base serves not only the components mentioned above but is also geared towards replacing with a brand-new, cutting-edge foundation.

From its inception, galaxy_ng was designed with the ambition of supplanting the aging while also serving as the core code base for the Automation Hub component within the Ansible Automation Platform. The enhanced galaxy is already accessible at We’ve been meticulously synchronizing the data to ensure it remains up-to-date.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be transitioning to this new codebase on September 30th. Our commitment to the next generation of Galaxy services on this unified codebase remains unwavering.

If you access Ansible Galaxy through the ansible-galaxy CLI or the new v3 API, the process is straightforward: regenerate your access token, you can immediately log in to

After the transition, the previous site will continue to be accessible at, serving as a read-only instance.
We warmly invite all contributors to provide their valuable feedback on, utilizing the galaxy tag.

Best regards,
The Galaxy Team

Gwmngilfen said

Trip report - Ansible Community Day

The community day was an amazing thing - ~60 people, 8 talks, much great chat, and an evening out to remember. So much fun, so many action items for next week :wink:

I had a great time, but to tell it all would take up the whole Bullhorn, so I’ve written it up on the forum (where else, are you bored of me yet? :stuck_out_tongue:). Please do go add your own recollections, we’d love to hear them!

cybette contributed

Ansible Contributor Summit 2023.10

Ansible Contributor Summit 2023.10 will be held on the first day of Sprints at DjangoCon US 2023 on October 19, where participants will be able to join both in-person (in Durham, NC, USA) and online. Please take a look at this blog post for details on proposing topics, registration, and more!


csmart said

community.libvirt 1.3.0 has been released with new bugfixes and features, including diff mode for the define command as well as a new mutate_flags option to modify existing domains. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!


Felix Fontein shared

There’s a new community vote on updating the Ansible 9 roadmap (proposal PR) to adjust the alpha release dates better to significant ansible-core releases. Please vote in the GitHub discussion, and if you want to discuss this or have questions, please use the associated GitHub issue.

Felix Fontein contributed

There is a discussion on whether community votes should be moved to the new Ansible Forum, be allowed in both places, etc. in this issue - if you are interested and/or have opinions, please comment!


cybette said

(Forum) User of the Week!

The user of the week on the Ansible Community forum for the week of 16th-22th September is Jordi Bericat Ruz! Thanks for your help and active participation in the forum!

steampunks said

We’re excited to share that thanks to the incredible interest, the Steampunk Ansible Challenge is officially happening! Mark your calendars for 12th October and warm up to show off your expertise in writing Ansible Playbook. The Grand Winner will be awarded a Meta Oculus. :wink:


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Cfgmgmtcamp 2024 and Ansible Contributor Summit

Join us Feb 5-7, 2024 in Ghent for CfgMgmtCamp. Check out the CFP looking for presentations, workshops, and fringes (deadline: November 15).

We will have Ansible Contributor Summit as part of Cfgmgmtcamp on Feb 7, 2024. More details to follow!

Sean Sullivan shared

The Infra config as Code collection group will have a Public Office hours meeting on Oct 5th at 9am EST/1pm UTC. This meeting is held the first Thursday of every month. Details here.

These collections are used to manage AAP Controller/AWX, Hub/GalaxyNG and build Execution Environments. If you have any questions that you want to ask, or topics to discuss, feel free to post them on the issue, or ask on the Ansible Forum with the tag #infra-config-as-code.

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Ansible Singapore will be having a meetup on Thurs, Sept 28, to explore the transformative power of Event-Driven Ansible (EDA) in Network Automation. Check out the details and RSVP!


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