Taking documentation upstream with AWX

Hey, so some exciting news to share with the community about the AWX documentation. For quite some time there has been a set of content for the downstream platform controller on “docs.ansible.com” with no real community equivalent. This has lead to confusion and some misunderstanding for everyone involved.

To tackle that we’re moving the RST source files for what is currently the platform controller from a private repository to the public ansible/awx repository. The output of that will be a single docs build that we’ll host on Read The Docs. AWX documentation will join the Ansible project ecosystem.

Here is the WIP PR so you can see what we’re doing: https://github.com/ansible/awx/pull/14328

There’s a separate effort to port the Controller docs over to access.redhat but we’re hoping to be in a place where we can archive the “Ansible Documentation” page soon and provide the AWX latest docs to the community.