API reference docs for AWX

Hey everyone,

I’ve been helping @tvo318 move the Controller docs over to AWX and publishing on read the docs. Moving the full content set across means including some generated resources, namely for the REST API and CLI.

You can see them today on docs.ansible here and here.

As the title of this topic might suggest, we’re going to start with the API reference. And I’d like to invite anyone who is interested to take and look. Here is the general idea:

  • Continue using RH’s tooling on a temporary basis to generate the artifacts from source code.
  • Put the artifacts in an existing s3 bucket with public read access.
  • Build docs with the reference content is included.
  • Convert the internal jobs to ci workflows in the awx repository.

This order seems most beneficial because the reference content is likely more important to the community than the process to generate it. And that’s it. Feedback, questions, and challenges would be cool. If you want to get involved, even better. Here is a PR to start with.