Suggesting updates to the Bullhorn boilerplate content

We were chatting a bit in the social matrix channel and I wanted to move the conversation here to take a deeper dive.

Today the top of the Bullhorn has a Key Dates section. Historically, this listed just a couple of the weekly Working Group Meetings, and the estimated date of the next core and package releases. All of this is subject to human error (aka the bullhorn editor might pick an incorrect date) and also doesn’t list all the releases or working groups.

So some ideas that came out of this early chat:

  • Let’s remove the release details in Key Dates - these two teams always update the bullhorn separately when a release happens.
  • Let’s stop manually adding working group meetings and meetups and instead point to the Events - Ansible Calendar here in the forum instead.
  • Let’s also add a link to the Ecosystem Releases - Ansible to cover more than the two release types we’ve been adding. We can then encourage other projects to use that release category here to keep folks informed.

Note - if a meetup or WG wants to also add a newsbot entry, they are welcome to. What I’m talking about here is ways to simplify the workload for the Bullhorn editor and use the forum as our ‘single source of truth’ instead.


So not all of the working group calendars show up here in Events. We’d have to add them. That would mean working groups that used the shared ical would have to update their calendars in two locations.

@gwmngilfen - does the Events calendar here recognize Daylight Savings time etc? If so, then the ical folks wouldn’t have to update Events here when that change happens (we do have to update in ical because the tooling works on UTC so every 6 months, we make the changes).

@Docs @SteeringCommittee @network-wg - as the three teams still using ical, what are your thoughts here?

Good to think about simplifying and automating something we do weekly.

Community Meetings

We are establishing The Forum as the default place for discussion, I think that also implies it should be The Source Of Truth.

So moving away from the YAML/ICS files (which were always difficult to maintain) to Events in The Forum seems like it makes sense.

I think we’ve used the Forum for other events and know how to best use The Forum for Agenda, does that require people to have extra permissions to update the running Agenda?


I think with a GitHub action that watches for git tag (ie a release) we can likely automatically create Forum posts with the correct tags for projects that want it. This would likely work well for projects that have well formatted changelogs, ie can be posted without further editing.

Should we move Project Updates above the Releases, they seem more important.

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I think you’d have to test it. IIRC it stores the TZ it’s created in - so if that’s one with DST it should move. The calendar renders in the browser’s local time, so you should get the correct time for you.

Okay I’ve updated How to edit and release the Ansible Bullhorn with the ideas so far. This will make the Bullhorn editor’s job easier for sure, thanks!

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Added a few details and fixes to the instructions for The Bullhorn.

I missed the key dates update here so the last one included them but I won’t in the next one.

I do think a key dates summary is useful but until we can automate it, I agree removing it is the easiest as those are shared below on the updates.

Regarding the working group meetings and calendar, a reminder we had an rfe for Discourse to allow an ics export or source for importing into calendars, we might want to check status on that.

Having the option to import to get alerts in our calendars should help with attendance. I know it helps me at least.

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