Should we have issue templates?

OK, so I think we need to get this going. How does the following template sound?

Please replace this text with a description of your issue. You should:

  • Include the version(s) of the relevant software tools, libraries, collections etc
  • Include relavant logs from the issue
  • Use backticks (```) to help format your logs and code (easy-to-read posts are easier to answer too!), like this:
- my code!
  • Set at least one tag (the experts follow the tags, so the right people will find you if you tag)

I’m deliberately not mentioning the over-use of Groups, and emphasising tag use instead - drawing attention to the possibility of mentioning a Group might actually increase the use of it. I think we should use replies like this when we see people abusing the feature :slight_smile:

How does that sound?